We are a Melbourne based cover band playing all your favourite classic rock, funk, hip hop and pop music.

Let us take you on a musical journey as we play songs from every era including bands and artists such as;

Prince  |  Kings of Leon  |  Queen  |  The Angels  |  Billie Eilish  |  Stray Cats    

Chuck Berry  |  Rolling Stones | Calvin Harris  |  Black Eyed Peas  |  Foo Fighters    

Red Hot Chili Peppers  |  U2  | Mumford and Sons |  The Strokes  

The Killers  |  Daft Punk  | David Bowie | Young MC | White Stripes | Beastie Boys | Blink 182

 and lots more...

So if you're looking for a band to get your crowd moving, singing and having a great time then we are your band! 

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